Located in an area without industries and few goods to sell, BCDO gives advice on how to reduce the need and therefore the dependency on money. Further, organic farming and community-based eco tourism are promoted to raise additional income for the area.

Education and vocational training

To run through with the other projects implementation, the education and vocational training are offers in the first priorities.Thousands of children are uneducated school because of their family’s inability to afford fees. This program provides several educational subjects and vocational training to children and adults. BCDO runs foreign language education in three languages:

1- English classes

2- Thai classes

3- Chinese classes 

Kd_clsskindergarten_classesKd-brkn_time Adult_clss

Organic Farming

Instead of logging and poaching, we want to encourage the villagers to invest their time into organic farming and lifestock as a additional source of income. The demand for such products is increasing in the nearby tourist areas. Further, with the related education about healthy food, BCDO wants to help the villagers to live a healthy life.

To set up organic farming on our premisses, a well is urgently needed. If you would like to contribute, please read here.


organic_farming_1 organic_farming2

organic_farming3 organic_farming_4

Tourism as additional income source

Being located in the Botumsakor National Park (NP), Andong Teuk has the potential to become a tourist destination for trekking, boat rides etc. With the related infrastructure like restaurants, a market and a guesthouse already in place, it requires little additional effort to serve tourist needs. BCDO will continue to promote the Botumsakor NP as a tourist destination in the related websites to raise more public awareness about the village.

Still now, passing through tourists often do not find English information in the village, or receive misleading statements and leave Andoung Toek quickly.

BCDO trains tourist guides in English language, establishes the required logistics and negotiates fair prices for tourist services with the local providers.

Further, BCDO serves as a tourist information center to ensure tourists receive the information and services they are looking for. Read more about possibilities for tourist here.


Awareness of Money Dependency

Life has changed greatly for Cambodians within the last decade. Modern qualities such as electricity, mobile communication and motorbikes are available nowadays, and are heavily used. When there was no electricity available ten years ago, now many villagers have TVs with big speakers and amplifiers. Motorbikes are used even for small distances, as well as mobile phones. Obviously, owning TV, motorbike and mobile phone is sign of wealth among the young people, yet it massively increases the daily need for money.

BCDO offers lessons to increase awareness on the costs for these modern comforts and suggests alternatives respectively advices about reasonable usage of these modern toys. The table below illustrates the example daily, monthly and yearly spending of an average family:

Expenses Daily Quantity

Price (Real/Quantity) Cost/Day (Real) Cost/Month (US$) Cost/Year (US$)
Mobile Communication 10 min 10 120 1200 9 108
Gasoline (Motorbike) 25 km 25 110 2750 20,63 247,5
Electricity TV 180 min 1,5 4000 6000 45 540
Electricity Light 180 min 0,3 4000 1200 9 108
Softdrinks (Cans) 2 pcs 2 2000 4000 30 360
Beers 2 pcs 2 2000 4000 30 360
Cigarettes 1 pcs 1 2000 2000 15 180

0 0 0

21150 158,63 1903,5