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  • Environment Protection

    Natural resources such as fresh water and soil are vital for sustainable agriculture, and the forests surrounding Andong Teuk play a crucial role in both maintaining ground water level and soil preservation, plus give natural living space for a wide range of endangered wildlife species.

    An important part of BCDO's mission is the education of the young generation about the impact of deforestation and poaching and the advice about environment-friendly alternatives.

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  • Eco Tourism

    Community-based eco tourism along the Route 48 between Koh Kong and Sre Ambel is a great opportunity to generate additional income for villagers and support tourists in this barely touristically developed area. BCDO is offering free information on possible tours and accomodation for travellers, and ensures fair prices as well as evenly distributed income.

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  • Reduce Poverty

    Located in an area without industries and few goods to sell, BCDO gives advice on how to reduce the need and therefore the dependency on money. Further, organic farming and community-based eco tourism are promoted to raise additional income for the area.

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