Community-based eco tourism along the Route 48 between Koh Kong and Sre Ambel is a great opportunity to generate additional income for villagers and support tourists in this barely touristically developed area. BCDO is offering free information on possible tours and accomodation for travellers, and ensures fair prices as well as evenly distributed income.


Bicycling is giving experiences to a tourists who like to know a local’s life living conditions, eat locally foods, fruits or site seeing such as well stone, fishing stream, swimming, raising elephant, mangrove trees, cashew nut plantation, birds and other species around places.




Boat trips

A range of boat trips is offered in the Botumsakor National Park and surrounding areas, featuring Mangrove forests and wildlife watching. If lucky, you may spot Hornbills, Kingfishers etc.

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A range of trekking tours can be offered in the Botumsakor National Park and surrounding areas. For further information please inquire with the Contact form.



We can arrange your stay in the Botumsakor National Park. The following types of accommodation are available:

  • Guesthouse
  • Homestay
  • Campground

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About Botumsakor National Park and surrounding Thmo sor

Botumsakor is a peninsula southwest from the Cardamom Mountains. The National Park comprises 183,408 hectares of designated park land. It consists of picturesque flooded mangrove woods, lowlands and hills. Old giant  (Buddha trees, ...) here and there spoil the landscape. Rare wildlife like Asian elephants, Gibbons, Civets as well as deer, snakes and rare birds (Hornbill, Kingfisher) can be seen by chance. For further information, see We at BCDO are happy to support travellers and tourists with all information needed.

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