Our History

BCDO was established on 15 November, 2009 and is based in Botumsakor district, Andong Teuk Commune, Koh Kong province, Kingdom of Cambodia. BCDO started as a private education school to provide education and vocational training for the young generation.

Since its founding, BCDO has collected only nominal school fees from attendees. The fees are used to defray the costs of electricity, water and rent. Many of the nearly 300 students are from impoverished circumstances and neither they nor their families are able to afford fees that could sustainably support BCDO. For students without extremely little means, BCDO waved these fees altogether.

Six months after its establishment, BCDO halted operations due to insufficient fees, as many students could no longer afford to pay even the nominal fee. The school remained closed for the rest of 2010 due to insufficient funds to cover operating costs. Afterwards BCDO staffed four volunteer teachers and started teaching again with 80-85 students.

BCDO is committed to serving these students by revising the model for financing their education, with the aim of waiving school fees. Furthermore, BCDO seeks to create other appropriation programs that foster knowledge sharing and that help prepare students for their future careers.

Andong Tuek pic