Current projects

Last year we were fortunate to receive fundraising money from a group of Australian volunteers to drill down and build a well.  The well provides BCDO with clean water that can be used for drinking and washing.  We now want to be able to share the water supply with the local village, who currently have no safe water supply of their own.  To do this we would need to build a water tower and install a pump and 1632 meters of pipe.  This would provide safe drinking and washing water for the 191 families living in the surrounding areas close to the school, approximately 937 people.

 We need to raise over $8000 to make this possible:


Description Quantity Price/Unit Price
Tower (6m high)      $1,085.50
Basin (8000 liters)    $660.00 $660.00
Pipes 820 pcs $3.75 $3,075.00
Pump  1  $165.00 $165.00
Filter 2 $60 $120.00
Generator  1  $580.00 $580.00
Building material (few items)     $70.00
Labor, installing pipes under the ground & build-tower     $2,640.00
Total cost     $8,395.50
Donated (by Dec, 2014)     $0.00
Balance     $8,395.50

All donations are very gratefully received and we will keep you updated on the progress of our project as it goes along. You can also keep up to date with developments by reading our blog under 'Projects' here on the website.